Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Fluttera Prologue

As a special treat, and since I still cannot find the words to continue writing right now, I thought I would publish the prologue to Fluttera...just to entice any would-be readers to keep up with my progress.  Enjoy!

“Lorelei, it’s time for bed, love.”

“Can you tell me a story, please mom?” pleaded Lorelei.

“Sure,” said Mara as she motioned for Lorelei to lie down, “but then it’s right to sleep.”
Lorelei jumped into the bed that was covered in an assortment of stuffed animals and crocheted pillows. She pulled the handmade quilt over her bare feet and My Little Pony pajamas all the way up to her chin. Mara set Lorelei’s favorite porcelain doll beside her head on the pillow.

“Once upon a time, there was a beautiful faery queen. She was the overseer and protector of all the faery realms. Although the queen had reigned for many centuries, she knew that she would eventually die. She decided that she needed an heir to take over for her one day.”

“What’s an heir, mom,” Lorelei interrupted.

“Well, it’s someone that takes over for someone else when the time is right.”

“You mean when they die?”

“Not necessarily,” Mara corrected. “Sometimes they take over simply because they are needed to. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I think so.”

“Good. May I continue?” Lorelei shakes her head in agreement. “So,” Mara resumed her story, “the faery queen visited the tulip fields and searched for the perfect flower. Tulips are the beginning of all faery children. There had been a frost the night before and most of the flowers were wilted. Out in the far end of the field was a tulip that stood out among the others. It was different. The queen glided over to the tulip and saw that it had ruffled edges and represented all the colors of the four faery realms; it was a hybrid, a mix of all the characteristics that made each tulip beautiful. This tulip was not wilted or drooping but it stood tall and lively. The queen chose that flower for its beauty and strength. It was with that hybrid tulip that the queen made her successor, the beautiful faery princess Lorelei.”

“So I was the most beautiful tulip in the field, mom?” Lorelei interrupted, “That’s why you chose me?”

“It certainly was, love. Now go to sleep and have the sweetest of sweet dreams, princess Lorelei.”

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